What is hepatitis B vaccine?
  1. Characteristic: An artificial inactive vaccine genetically engineered to prevent hepatitis B infection.
  2. Inoculation method: intramuscular injection.
  3. Dosage: 0.5cc each time
When should one get the hepatitis B vaccination?
All children should get the 1st dose within 24 hours of birth, 2nd dose at 1 month, and 3rd dose at 6 months, for three doses in total.
What are the contraindications?
  1. Newborns with a fetal weight of less than 2000 grams.
  2. Babies with asphyxia, dyspnea, cardiac insufficiency, severe jaundice (serum total bilirubin > 15 mg/ ml), coma, convulsion, or other serious illnesses.
  3. Congenital malformations and severe visceral dysfunction.
  4.  Acute fever.
What happens after vaccination?
  1. Adverse effects rarely happen. Occasionally, there might be pain, local swelling, or redness where the shot was given. Mild fever and soreness may also be encountered.
  2. Drink plenty of water and get enough rest; in the event of discomfort, please visit the hospital for evaluation.
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